Flexware 250

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Flexware 250

Post by DJ »

Hey guys!

Put in my first Flexware 250 the other day... ah, the dawning of a new era in DC disconnects ;-).

So, the 250. Cute little thing. Little tight for an off grid system. after you have the 250a disconnect in there, and two 60s for the array, and maybe one for a water system, it's pretty snug, even without the lightning arrestor.

And no place for the shunt for the TM-500/Link10/Bogart2020 whatever.
I ended up drilling and bolting it to the AC side (I never use it, I send it to a conventional AC breaker panel).

But, if you have a client that absolutely needs to get the whole system into a closet... (and I have, more than once!) it's a very slick idea.

I can just imagine the meeting that birthed it: "So, boB and the guys over there have it set up so you can mount the inverter right on their DC disconnect! What are we gonna do?"

"Well, let's mount the DC disconnect right on the inverter!"

Corner office ;-).

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Re: Flexware 250

Post by Saggy »

I know this is a 5 year old Post, but I can hardly wait to wire mine up! Sounds like some bloody knuckles coming my way.
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