FLEXware 500 X2 VFX3524 120/240 AC Problem

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FLEXware 500 X2 VFX3524 120/240 AC Problem


Hi, A customer contacted me with the problem that when Gen-In 60A Line2 (Red) going to AC-IN at Slave1 is at ON position and Generator is not running, a Large Arcing sound is heard. When I turn OFF Line2 AC-In 60A Breaker & Gen is not running, I measure 120Vac at AC-IN Slave Inverter. Note, that the 250A DC-IN from batteries is turned off at this moment. What I think is going on is that maybe the bypass Line2- (Red) Input Breaker is either shorted and the X240 is feeding AC to the AC-in on Slave1, OR the FX-AC transfer solenoid is stuck in a short situation and feeding AC Back to the generator in a wrong phase. I will go over to this OFF-GRID customer today and test the Line in 60A breaker. Has this ever happened to anyone, and what test do you recommend to eliminate the FX-AC board???
Denis Guertin, Installer, Cell 705-337-2222.

Hi, I went to customer site and the AC-IN (red) breaker is NOT SHORTED. I then disconnected the LINE IN wire on slave1 and I measure 120VAC at that position with the inverter DC 250A breaker turned off. Do I replace the FX-AC board????
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