Total novice mayday

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My RE system: Flexpower one 24 volt

Total novice mayday

Post by 4310camelrockroad »

Good day,
Anyone out there have a flexpower 3524 they could walk me through the programming there of. Batteries overcharging
and I am still waiting to hear back from Eco Direct/Outback. Major off grid application and PV is charging up to 35 volts.
Gone over the installation and programming a hundred times and am still scratching my ass. It is a brand new unit and 2 d
Mighty Max 12 volt batteries.
Mike Curran
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My RE system: Outback - Garage roof:
- 8 (2x4) Evergreen 180's into one FM80 (2007/2020 - replaced MX60)
- 6 (2×3) ALEO S79-300's into one FM80 (2017)
- 2 grid-tied VFXR3524A-01's series stacked, replaced GVFX's (2020)
- 12 Surrette/Rolls 2V x 1766Ah (2007)
- Hub10.3, Mate3s, FNDC, RTS. Tigo ES maximizers on each PV module.

Westinghouse Solar - Barn roof: (2012)
- 30 (2x15) 235W panels with Enphase M215 microinverters, grid-tied

Outback Skybox - Barn roof: (2019)
- 14 Talesun 275W in series (DC array input to SB inverter/charger)
- 3 SimpliPhi 3.8 batteries, 48V, 225Ah total
- AC coupled input from 14 Talesun 275W, Enphase M215 microinverters

All self-designed and self-installed
Location: Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Re: Total novice mayday

Post by Mike Curran »

The quick start guide shows these steps using your Mate3(s):
You'll have to plug in the proper battery charging voltage setpoints for your battery.

What setpoints do you have now for absorb voltage and time, float, etc.?

More info you provide about current settings will help diagnose what's going on.
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My RE system: Sixteen Evergreen EC-120
(4 strings, total 1920W)
Eight Rolls S-550 (2 strings, total ~800Ah @ 24V)
One FM80
One VFXR3524A
Hub 10
FNDC and Trimetric
Honda EU3000is generator
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Re: Total novice mayday

Post by provo »

It would help if you could tell us more about your system. Please fill out your system profile, including the following:

1. Number of batteries, make and model, and wiring scheme.
2. Number and wattage of solar panels, make and model, wiring scheme.
3. Make and model of all charge controller(s) and inverter(s).
4. Battery monitor (if any) to show state of charge, make and model.
5. Generator for loads and/or charging, make and model.
6. Do you have either an old Mate (small oval) or a Mate3/Mate3s (larger box)?

Please fill out your profile with a complete description of all your components. Flexpower one 24V is a start, but the inverter model number and charge controller model number are still needed, plus everything else mentioned above. We can't help without knowing what you have :-) ....

Later Note: Even if you've told us some of this in other posts, it really needs to be in your profile so it shows up in EVERY post, over on the right side of the page.
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