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Re: Schematic

Post by sbrownian »

I was trying to explain power routing through the 8048 to the owner, and also to suggest a bypass breaker installation that would leverage the already installed (but unwired) interlocked set in the house panel..
(The lighter background color chicken scratching..)

When I went back to the site, I had to redraw it, as the "bypass" breakers got installed as "generator selector" breakers..
Not what I had in mind as one AC input to the load center was completely disconnected.

Now, they'll have to monkey with the Mate to modify the input max AC numbers of they use the smaller "emergency" gen. The charger AC current would also have to be messed with anyway.. /shrug

I was trying to set it up so that if the inverter lept off the wall in a ball of fire, all they're gonna have to do is flip a few interlocked breakers and they could run the place directly from the gen. An added benefit would be complete isolation. The way it is now, there will still be "hot" wiring in the GS load center going through the "Red Plate" interlocked bypass breaker set...
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