Total novice mayday

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My RE system: Flexpower one 24 volt

Total novice mayday

Post by 4310camelrockroad »

Would love to get chatty later but took the plunge and jumped off grid. More later.
Flexpower one 24 volt system is over charging my batteries and I will be damned if I
can figure it out. Checked every resource I have and web to no avail and thought I would
join this forum to keep knowledgeable in regard to this great product.

Mr Raysun caught my eye quickly as very knowledgeable and maybe could help me out?
Thanks guys and hopefully get to know you later.
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My RE system: GS8048A, FM80 w/3,600W PV Fixed, FM80 w/2,700W on Zomeworks tracker, Mate3, 24 Trojan 2V L16 1100AH @ C20, Grid-Tied with Kohler 14RESA LPG Generator and MEP-803 Diesel if needed.

I install and maintain grid-tied and off-grid systems in my area and consult on solar system design/operation.
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Re: Total novice mayday

Post by fcwlp »

@raysun will need to know the details of your battery charging settings for your CC(s), battery info and battery bank info, PV array setup.

Go for it @raysun. :grin:
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My RE system: Flexpower Two: (2) FXR3048A, (2) FM80, MATE3s, FlexNetDC
SimpliPhi 48-3.8 (6 @ 48v)
Outback IBR3 battery enclosure
REC Alpha 440W panels - 2 arrays: each of 4 strings of 2 in series
Honda EU7000is gas fuel generator

Re: Total novice mayday

Post by raysun »


What is the makeup of the battery -
Manufacturer and model of the battery monoblocks?
Number of monoblocks and cabling configuration?

What indicates the battery is being overcharged?

What is the configuration of the PV array -
Model and number of panels?
Cabling configuration?

What components are on the FlexPower One panel?
Inverter model
Charge controller model
Mate model

Is there a backup generator connected to the inverter AC IN?

What are the parameter values in the Battery Charging menu of the Charge Controller?

What are the parameter values in the Battery Charging menu of the Inverter?

Is charging being done via the Charge Controller, or the Inverter, or both?
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My RE system: Totally off grid - Hamakua side, Big Island, Hi

36 Trina 280 & 16 Phono 250 in 48 volt array (fixed) 14080w
Radians GG8048/GS4048 w GSLCs
4 FM 80 charge controllers
Hub 10.3
FNDC w/3 shunts
Mate 3s
OpticsRE - MMKL - Ninole Hi
12 SimpliPhi 3.8
14Kw Kohler 14RESA Propane

Charging Only
FNDC. - shared shunt feeds from Radian FNDC
Mate 3s
10Kw MEP 803a Military gen

Honda EU7000i

Davis VantagePro2 Wx Station
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Re: Total novice mayday

Post by sodamo »

Also are you truly off grid or have grid power and simply choose not to use it?
Please visit
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