Over P(max) above STC

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Over P(max) above STC

Post by raysun »

It wasn't especially hot today, but was above 25°C for most of the day.

Be that as it may, at some time during the day the six 355W panels on this FM80 were peaking at 387W.

The wild thing is it seems to be some time between 8 and 9 AM, as the charge cycle went into Absorb in that hour.
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Re: Over P(max) above STC

Post by EA6LE-ONE »

I had experiencing the same in march, the peak was very high for the panels but I calculated the continuous power that was generated when the sun was hitting the panels perfectly perpendicular. The panels were providing 355W and they are rated at 325W. The peak on the charger was like 385W per panel. Maybe if we keep the lock down longer and have less pollution next year we might reach new highs.
In my case might be that the Panasonic panels that I got are the more efficient ones. VBHN325SA17, VBHN330SA17, VBHN330SA17 and VBHN345SA17 are the same panels but when they are tested some are more efficient than others and they are sold accordingly.
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