Stacked Skyboxes with External CTs, math doesn't add up

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Stacked Skyboxes with External CTs, math doesn't add up

Post by SHunsader »

I have a pair of stacked Skyboxes, using external CTs (of course, connected only to the Master). Each time one of the systems displays either GridZero or AC Couple, the numbers don't add up.

Attached shows both the Optics for that moment, as well as both the Master (top) and Slave Skyboxes. In a 'normal' mode, where both grids show 'Selling' and Load is showing 'Powering', the math adds up.

For those of you not familiar with how the Skybox displays information when stacked WITH External Current Transducers installed, is that the Grid represents the Current AT the utility hookup (where they should be installed). The LOAD is the amount of energy being used by the entire location (everything that's hooked up to the Main Panel).

Since both the Slave (bottom right row) and Master (top right row) are selling power and the batteries are not contributing, the maximum power being produced is 7.0 kw. After subtracting the load of 2.1 kw, and another .2kw to power both Skyboxes, I would expect to see the Optics displaying that just under 5 kw (7-2.3 = 4.7kw) is being thrown back on the grid. I can confirm this number within 200w consistently.

Yesterday, the opposite was happening. The GRID for the master displayed GridZero, and again, the numbers didn't add up.

Is there a software setting that will KEEP either of these Skyboxes from entering AC Couple or GridZero modes so that information is displayed correctly on the Optics application?
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