Inverter DC Input Cables

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Inverter DC Input Cables

Post by mvrck »

The PS2 is so complete. Just bolt-it-up and plug and play. Except for the inverter DC cables inside the PS2DC, any chance to just make that part of the system as it ships, or provide a part number for upper and lower inverter. (I know 2/0 or 4/0?? Use the KISS method and provide 4/0 extra flexible cable from Cobra Wire...). I know I still have to wire to the battery box, but hey it is a step in the right direction.
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Post by DavidB »

I'm a big advocate of trying to make the system as simple as possible to install. I think Outback could simplify installation further with a lot of their products by selling some of the misc. items necessary to install their products - like cable lugs :roll: . I've seen othe manufacturers have already taken this a step further then Outback's equipment and provided a complete system in a "box" that includes the batteries and you only have to run romex AC line to the service panel.

With a battery box external to the unit you have no way of knowing how much cable is needed and therefore would be a waste to include anything but the exact amount needed. I just called Cobra Wire a couple days ago for a small quantity of their extra flexible 4/0.. price: $7.50/ft :shock: Don't want to be wasting any of that!
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Post by paroxysm »

Good place to get copper lugs and a reliable, reasonably priced crimper and such stuff.

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