PS2AC Subpanel

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PS2AC Subpanel

Post by RCarson »

I am connecting two SW 5500 / 48 inverters in series and using the PS2AC subpanel prior to connecting to the home panel. I have an offgrid system. I have reviewed the SW wiring diagram and the PS2 wiring diagram and am confused.

The PS2 wiring diagram shows the neutrals from the inverters connecting to the neutral bus in the home panel. I assume the neutrals in the SW inverters are output? It is not explicit.

Second, SW wiring diagram is slightly different. It shows the output neutral of Inverter 1 connecting to the input neutral of Inverter 2 and then the Output neutral of Inverter 2 connecting to the neutral bus in the home panel. Which is right?
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Post by halfcrazy »

i know when stacking sw inverters they need to be bonded by a short neutral wire like you described to keep them in sync. as far as witch diagrams to follow i would say you need to follow xantrex's recomendations as they are producing the inverter just a question but why xantrex inverters and outback ac box?
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Post by Kent Osterberg »

You'll need to make conduit runs from each inverter to the PS2AC. The PSAC was designed to connect directly onto the side of two SW inverters. If you've got room, the PSAC makes a lot cleaner installation.

The labels "In" and "Out" on the inverter neutrals don't mean anything; the two are connected together in the inverter.

The inverter, generator, and home panel neutrals should all land on the neutral bus in the PS2AC or PSAC.
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