PS1 System -- Inverter Shuts Down at Night

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PS1 System -- Inverter Shuts Down at Night

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I have a PS1 System that was recently installed. At some point during the evening, the inverter shuts down (I see the red light for the inverter status). When this happens, my A/C circuts connected to the battery backup shut down. Last night, the inverter shut down and failed again when I tried to restart so left it off all night.

My installer did not leave me with documentation and I don't see any PS1 specific documentation on the site. I apologize for the very non-technical nature of my questions.

Is there a setting I can change that might prevent the inverter from shutting down in the evening?

Is there a way to see what type of error is causing the inverter to shut down on the display of the charge controller?

Also, when the inverter shuts down, shouldn't the A/C circuts on the backup still work? If this happens when I'm not home, the refrigerator shuts off. The system that is supposed to be a backup system is, instead, creating its own power failures.

Update: I figured out the problem. The PS1 was running off the batteries each night until the batteries were empty, then shutting down because there was no AC Power. I didn't realize this because I wasn't looking at it until it shut off. Tonight, I checked it after the panels stopped producing power and I could see the inverter still running.

The installer left two of the breakers on my house panel off. These were supposed to be the two breakers that were moved to the backup system. In reality, one of the breakers was where the inverter was connected to my house panel. Flipping this on solved the problem.

Now I just have to figure out what breakers they actually moved because my breaker box is full -- I think they may have disconnected my older grid tie system from the grid.
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