only 1 neautral conductor?

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only 1 neautral conductor?

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In the PS2AC wiring kit there is only one neutral conductor per inverter. Is there a possibility of overloading this conductor if the generator is running and a lot of loads are on in the house? Can someone explain this? Thanks.
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Only one neutral wire is required for the FX inverter. In fact it would be a violation of NEC rules about paralleling conductors to connect two neutral wires between the PS2AC neutral bus and the FX because the AC IN and AC OUT neutral connections are internally connected.

When the generator is running, the load current does not return on the neutral wire connected to the FX. It returns, on the load's neutral conductor, directly to the neutral bus and from there back to the generator. The FX's neutral wire only carries the current being used by the FX to charge the batteries.
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