Temp Sensor Warning - VFX 3024E

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Temp Sensor Warning - VFX 3024E

Post by LaustS »

17 th Feb 2017 - Bahamas :grin:

We have had 10 flawless years with out Outback Inverter/chargers, but are now experiencing an error/warning.
We have 3 x model VFX 3024E 3.0 KW / 24 VDC / 230 VAC / 50 Hz (Ventilated / Export) - stacked and controlled via a Mate.

We get a warning messages on Inverter 3 and 2:
Temperature Sensor Fault - Yes
On inverter 2 its an intermittent recurring warning and on 3 its a permanent

Can anyone advise if/how we can ensure safe operation for te couple of months before we return to civilization and can get a certified tech to replace the sensors?

Readings (F)

Inverter no Case temp Air temp FET Temp Cap Temp
external Internal Internal Internal
temp gun FX Mate FX Mate FX Mate
1 (Top) 105 87 96 126
2 (Center) 101 253 114 142
3 (Bottom) 96 254 129 155
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Re: Temp Sensor Warning - VFX 3024E

Post by Jorge Guzman »

The temp sensor warning is an indication the sensor inside the unit that measures the transformer temp has gone out. (Green wire the goes from the FET board to the XFMR) Contact us for a replacement. support@outbackpower.com

Jorge Guzman
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Re: Temp Sensor Warning - VFX 3024E

Post by BruceS »

Yep, an old thread ..........
Jorge isn't the transformer epoxy glued over top of that temperature sensor? Is it even possible to 'lift' the transformer?
I tried just disconnecting the green wire with no dif result.
A new FET board also didn't help.
Decided to just live with it for the last 3 years.....
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