Is this accurate?

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My RE system: Off-grid, all solar, passive and active ( winter wood heat supplements) solar DHW, no backup. Southern mountains New Mexico.

Array 1 3000w, 12 Sunpower 250s FM 100

Array 2 3000w, 12 Sunpower 250s FM 100

Well array 600w, 6 Kyocera 130 w with Grundfos sqflex11 and cu200 to elevated storage, ( 2- 330 g tanks,) no battery storage at well

Six Battle Born 50 AH 24 V Lithium

Outback VFXR 3524A Flex Power 2, prewired with Flexnet DC SOC monitor and Mate3.

Is this accurate?

Post by zozomike »

For some time I have been having issues with one array/FM100. Actually I have been operating without it for a couple of months now and have done every test I can think of. The immediate question though relates to an Outback Webinar I found. ... ebinar.pdf
The power point states on page 11:

FM-100 Wiring Compartment
Battery –
• Provides ground fault detection bond
• Leave jumper in place for single FM100 installs
• Remove jumper for:
o Multiple FM-100 installs
o To float the array and disable internal
Ground Fault function
o Positive grounded systems (use
external DC+ to Gnd bond)
• Remove ground fault fuses for
multiple FM-100 installs

I have moderate experience with English, (72 years) and it appears that Outback is saying here to remove all jumpers in multiple FM100 installs, and also to remove fuses from all FM100s in multiple FM100 installs since it uses the plural.
Is this correct?
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