VFX power save level

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VFX power save level

Post by Solarmusher »

Hi all,
I have two VFX3648 Outback stacked with psx240 transformer. Actually my power save level is set to 0 for the master and 1 for the slave (slave wakes up above 12Aac).
Is there a way to get the slave to wake up only above 24Aac by playing with these power save level settings?
I recently modified my diversion water heater that was working on DC for 1500 watts 120Vac elements. I was thinking that 1500 watts would be just enough to keep the slave above 12Aac but it seems to be at the edge and my slave just keeps clicking when the element is on.
I would like to keep the system as it is and avoid classic stacking for 240Vac.
Any idea?
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