FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

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FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

Post by gab »

I've upgraded the Firmware (FW) for radians to 1.63.3 and Mate3s to 1.4.0 and they always show the FW level that is to be loaded from the MATE3s's SD card. For the FM100 it shows 1.1.0 and has an error trying to install the FW.
I'm comfortable that we have downloaded and extracted directly to the SD's D: like the radian and the MATE3s FM that completed successfully. I even deleted FM100-00.bin off the SD card and it extracted a new bin00. When I try to install the FM100 FW from the MATE3s it acts like it is going to perform the install of 1.1.0 (does not show 1.2.0) but it shows 0% completion then fails without any info. I've tried another SD card and a full FAT32 format - no help. Can the firmware download bin be the wrong module? Not in a hurry but need to complete while i'm in Haiti. thank you, gary 011 509 3104 4475
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Re: FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

Post by Gwendoly Espe »

That is odd that it isn't working and it sounds like you are short on time. Have you tried to update the FM100 manually dierectly on the FM100? You can try to see if this works. Take a look at page 53 it will direct you on how to update it without a MATE.
Without MATE3s
To update the firmware revision directly:
1. Turn off the battery and PV disconnect devices. Ensure the FLEXmax 100 has no power from any source.

2. If present, remove the microSD card from the FLEXmax 100. (See Figure 50.) The card can be ejected by pressing on the exposed end. It should depress slightly and then protrude with a click. Afterward it can be easily removed. Figure 50 Location of MicroSD Card MicroSD Card Reset Button Updating Firmware 54 900-0209-01-00 Rev B

3. Download the latest firmware revision as noted on page 53. Transfer the files to the microSD card.

4. If the file called FN100-00.bin was previously present on the card, delete it and replace it with the downloaded file with that name. This file needs to be in the root directory, not in a separate folder.

5. Before removing the card from the computer it is recommended to eject it using the computerÔÇÖs onscreen Eject command (usually titled Safely Remove Hardware, Eject Media, etc.).

6. Insert the card back into the FLEXmax 100. Ensure it clicks into position similarly to the way it was previously removed.
NOTE: The following steps require access to the controller and battery disconnect at the same time. Two people may be needed.

7. Press and hold the RESET button with a nonconductive narrow tool. (See Figure 50. The button is recessed inside the hole by several millimeters.)

8. While still pressing the RESET button, turn the battery disconnect to the ON position.

9. Still pressing the RESET button, watch the LED indicators on the FLEXmax 100. (See Figure 51.) When the STATUS LED indicator flashes green rapidly, the programming process has started. It is safe to release the button. Figure 51 Status Indicator

10. Within a few seconds the STATUS indicator will begin flashing red instead of green. After approximately 10 seconds it will flash red more quickly.

11. When the update process is complete, all LED indicators will flash in sequence as in a standard power-up routine. The internal fan will run briefly.
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Re: FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

Post by David LeBow »

@gab - the forum tried to send you an e-mail to let you know that someone had replied. Unfortunately, your e-mail server isn't (yet) fond of us and rejected the e-mail:
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I'm not sure how you're to convince google otherwise, but I wanted to let you know.
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Re: FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

Post by solar-er »

and amazingly..... the FM100 firmware zip file contains version 1.1.0 not 1.2.0
even after 2 years.... :lol: :lol:
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Re: FM100 Firmware download 1.2.0

Post by BoMagluyan »

That *would be* amazing! However, as is often the case there's more to this story than was visible on the surface.

Before installing the firmware from the SD card, it will show on the MATE3s screen that the firmware to be installed is 001.001.000, but if you continue on and press the update, if you check the FW version after the install, it is actually the correct 001.002.00

So, it the correct upgraded FW of 1.2.0 but there is a typo on the initial screen when using the MATE3s SD card for update.

This will not be an issue if the upgrade method is to use the microSD card where you insert the microSD card in the charge controller slot. There is no initial display to deal with.
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