inverters shutting down

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inverters shutting down

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I have 3 GVFX3648 inverters, 4 MX60 charge controllers and a new set of batteries. I obtained this record that showed the 2 slave units shutting down for about 10 seconds with no observable event. I've attached a spread sheet of data obtained through the Mate3s using custom software that is connected to http://<mate3s ip address>/Dev_status.cgi?&Port=0. Port 0 is the master inverter and ports 1 and 2 are slave inverters with the the inverter on port 2 connected directly to the grid (due to back feed current into the main panel exceeding its rating of 100 amps. The spreadsheet shows that at 17:40:14, the two slave inverters switched off even though the AC voltage into the inverter was proper (~120v) and the battery voltage was near the float voltage. At 17:40:23, the two slave inverters switched back to 'passthru' mode even though the output AC voltage was very low. I've put in a support request to Outback tech support but no response yet. I would like to know what the source of this issue is and if I need to replace one or more circuit boards in my inverters and if so, which ones.
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