Connecting to a Tesla Solar Roof Delta Inverter

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Connecting to a Tesla Solar Roof Delta Inverter

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Tesla provides folks with a Delta inverter. I'm trying to figure out the best way to connect a Delta inverter to 2 existing Radian GS8048A-01 inverters (with FLEXmax 80s and LiFePO4 batteries).

Here is what I think would work best:
1. Grid -> AC 1 Input mode = Grid Tied - so I can sell excess power, and (in the worst case) buy power when the battery is low.
2. Delta -> AC 2 input mode = Support - always use whatever power we have from the Generator (the Tesla solar roof Delta inverter) to charge batteries until 95% full.
3. Always sell battery power to the grid once the batteries are ~90% full.

Question 1: since the Radian ATS will only allow either AC 1 OR AC 2 (but not both) then the Delta/Generator/AC 2 can't charge the batteries while the Radian is selling to the grid via AC 1. True?

Question 2: how do I configure the Radian to buy power from AC 1 when AC 2 + battery is too low? Is there a "prefer AC 2 if possible" setting? I think I'm missing how the Radian knows to switch between AC 1/2...

Will this work? Is there a better way?

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