Aux On But No Power

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Aux On But No Power

Post by emstone »

I inherited a system in a home a purchased with no ventilation in a box in the garage. I vented it and put in a fan. I wired the fan to the Aux contacts in the inverter and I went in and set the fan to "ON" but there is no voltage coming out of those contacts. Is there a jumper or something else I need to do?
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Re: Aux On But No Power

Post by JRHill »

What is the fan that you used to move air from the box?
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Re: Aux On But No Power

Post by fcwlp »

There are nine Aux modes, only the "vent fan" mode will output 12V with 0.7A of current. Look at p.20 of attached manual. You will then also be able to program the voltage at which the fan starts.
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