Basic Grid Tie Question on GVFX3524

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Basic Grid Tie Question on GVFX3524

Post by lyoncf »

Very basic question that is not clear to me from the manual. I own a single GVFX3524 that I have not been using in a grid tie application. I was wondering if I can sell back to my utility grid with only a single GVFX3524 - i.e. - sell power back to half of the split phase? Is that even possible or do need to have two GVFX3524s in series so that both legs are fed power back to the grid. I am pretty sure the latter is the only grid tie solution if I wanted to sell back, but just want to be sure.
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Re: Basic Grid Tie Question on GVFX3524

Post by Mike Curran »

You are correct - you need a second "stacked" GVFX to sell to grid. Or you might be able to use Outback's PSX-240 transformer at the grid input side of your inverter to create a split phase connection to grid, although this isn't something I have experience with.

Edit: See Greg Fordan's response below.
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Re: Basic Grid Tie Question on GVFX3524

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Check your PM
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Re: Basic Grid Tie Question on GVFX3524

Post by Greg T Fordan »

As long as you set it up with your local electrical authority/provider, your single phase GVFX3524 can actually sell with a single phase AC input. The vast grid will not care if only half of the split-phase is being exported/sold with your electrical production. Of course, you need a steady source of renewable energy to sustain the sell (solar)
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