Can a grid tied Skybox supply power to the main panel without export?

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Can a grid tied Skybox supply power to the main panel without export?

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(Posted over in skybox forum too, but this seems like a more applicable area. I'll remove whichever one gets no response)

I have been reading a little about this but I haven't found a clear answer.

I don't want to export because it is not cost effective with my electric coop as they charge $30 just to do net metering, plus I'll have to get a $1m liability policy for probably another $50/month.

Most of my circuits are in my critical loads subpanel, but altogether they only draw about 500 watts during most of the day, usually less. So my 5kw of panels are only going to supply 2-4kwh during the day. So until I get some batteries installed I will be wasting a lot of excess production unless I can supply some of the loads in my main panel.

My AC unit, electric dryer, and hot water heater are all that is in the main panel but they are most of our usage.

When I ordered the skybox the applications engineer told me I could definitely support the additional main panel loads with Skybox, but he didn't tell me I'd probably have to use CT's to set that up.

So my question is, can it be done this way, and how do I set it up? I planned on ordering the outback power CT's to set it up. I know the documentation says that if the CTs are installed you can use it for export control. "Many AC profiles allow the SkyBox to support the main panel (non-backup) loads (F to C) without selling power" But I'm not sure exactly which AC profile to use and how to set it up yet.

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Can a grid tied Skybox supply power to the main panel without export?

Post by Mike Curran »

Yes. If you install external CTs at your main panel input from grid and connect them to your Skybox, then operate in non-export mode, you can support your main panel loads without exporting. See screenshot from programming manual.
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