good afternoon I have a question with the fm100 gfci

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good afternoon I have a question with the fm100 gfci

Post by luisoutback »

good afternoon I have a question with the fm100 gfci controller. I'm testing it I've been 5 days with the fm100 afci I have noticed that being in float it is cloudy entering 1200 watts in pv when the sun rises and it rises to 4000 watts being it is float 53.4 battery voltage rises to 58.0 volts in batteries and it stays like that for a while in that voltage I have it in griedtie is it normal?
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Re: good afternoon I have a question with the fm100 gfci

Post by Mike Curran »

If you have enabled auto grid tie control on your Mate3 (see screenshot from programming guide)
it's behaving as it should. However, if it's holding at 58 volts, which sounds like your absorb setpoint, for several hours then the charge time setting on your FNDC is too high.
On my system I have the FNDC charge time set for 4 minutes. Hopefully not to confuse you, but the corresponding absorb time setting on my charge controllers and inverters is set for one hour. This latter setting is used after a grid outage or for a manually triggered absorb cycle. 4 minutes is long enough for my battery to recover from overnight self-discharge, whereas 1 hour (which may need to be extended) restores my battery from an outage, if short.

Hope this makes sense. - Mike
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