Single phase inverter on a three phase system

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Single phase inverter on a three phase system

Post by stuart »

I have your VFX3024E single phase inverter but my house is in a three phase system, please can you tell me how to go about connecting it to one of the phases whereby I can have it setup on the HBX setting. The problem I've found is conflicting Neutrals that trip out the RCD.
Also if I link the neutrals on the inverter together so that there is just a live coming from the grid side and a small cable from the neutral in to neutral out on the inverter , then a regular cable from the inverters neutral out back to the single phase I want to run on the inverter is this possible or could it damage the inverter?
Sorry if this isn't very clear.
Mike Curran
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Re: Single phase inverter on a three phase system

Post by Mike Curran »

On my Outback inverters the neutral "in" is common to the neutral "out" so adding a jumper between them won't change anything. It sounds like you need to completely isolate the other two phases from the single phase you want to supply from your inverter. Not knowing exactly how your house is wired in 3 phase, I don't think you can make this work while there's any connection between them.
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