Vented versus sealed

Discussion about the FX2000 Inverter
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Vented versus sealed

Post by arnold »

I think I asked this question before I don't recall seeing an answer.

The comparison of the vented versus non vented FX inverters ( ... onrevc.pdf)

Mention one of the advantages of the sealed inverters is:

Greater control of unwanted radio frequency interference

Is there more detailed explanation (either quantitative or qualitive) of the difference.

My first PV system had SW5548s and RV PowerProducts SB3048s. That was pretty noisy RF wise.

The STXRs that I'm currently using seem to be better. I can still "hear" them when I have radio turned on in the garage.

How good is the vented FX in comparison to the competition? How much better is the sealed FX?

I know this is a tough question because the installation can totally wreck any RF emission mitigation within the the device. My original install was improved by making sure the installation didn't make it worse (covers and grounds in the right place).


Vented versus sealed

Post by Christopher »

Both the sealed and the vented units passed the CE tests - which are considered to be harder than the US FCC test standards. When we did this comparison we had not yet done this testing - so we were not sure.

Passing FCC or CE does not mean you don't produce any interference - it just means its below a certain level. I remote areas people may be trying to get such weak radio signals that even low levels of emmisions may be a problem.

On the vented unit we use a metal screen that is grounded and metalized grills on the exits with very small openings. This should control the emmisions as well as the sealed unit.

So far - we have had zero complaints that I have heard of from radio interference issues. I know several customers have reported big improvements from previous inverters - even total elimination of buzz on phones etc compared to older mod-square inverters such as the DR series. It might be that customers are getting more tolerant of this issue so we hear it less... Hard to say.