VFX2812 and VFX2812M?

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VFX2812 and VFX2812M?

Post by ericwahl »

Are there going to be two versions of this (mobile and stationary)? How about for the FX2012MT? Don't see why there would be 2 versions, but there seem to be 2 model numbers.

And you decided to make all the 12V inverters stackable? Image

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Robin Gudgel

VFX2812 and VFX2812M?

Post by Robin Gudgel »

Sorry, it looks like this was overlooked. The 12v inverters exist in various forms. When you see the "M" at the end of the model number, that means it is configured for mobile applications. It includes neutral to ground bonding while inverting. This connection is opened up while charging. The pass thru circuit is only 30 amps on mobile versions. We used one pole of the internal relay to make this connection, thus reducing pass thru capability. The "T" in the model number is for the new Turbo. It cools the case of the sealed inverters. This Turbo will become standard on most sealed units in the future. The FX inverters run quite hot when charging from a generator for long periods of time. All FX and VFX inverters are stackable.

VFX2812 and VFX2812M?

Post by Christopher »

Yes - we have a FX2012T and FX2012MT version available - both are sealed and include the new Turbo option. The "M" version includes the neutral/ground switching and is limited to 30 amps of pass-thru current compared to 60 amps for the normal version.

Pricing for either version is $1995 USD list.

A non-turbo version can also be special ordered if you don't need the full rating - its rated at 1700 and is $100 less. We don't advise using it for applications which will be battery charging much as it does get pretty hot. The model number for this is FX2012 (not T) even though its 1700 watts continuous.
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VFX2812 and VFX2812M?

Post by wd8cdh »

Hi Robin,

Do you plan to have a FX2?12 sealed inverter? I can only find vented versions at 12V on your site.