Generator hook up

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Generator hook up

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Hopefully someone can give me some guidance. I have a Dayton (Generac) Model 4LM39B standby generator that I will be using in my off grid home for backup to the solar panels. My problem is that the intructions call out the use of a transfer switch. How do I hook this generator up for a two wire start so I can use my inverter? The intructions are VERY silent about this. Thanks for any help you can render.
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Generator hook up

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I'm not familiar with your generator, but the transfer switch and 2 wire start are entirely different subjects.
Maybe the generator should come with instructions on how to hook it up to an inverter?

The inverter has a transfer relay of a given capacity, and the inverter itself has a given capacity. If that capacity is enough for your loads, you don't need a transfer switch for those loads. The generator is wired to the AC in of the inverter and all loads are on AC out of the inverter. When the generator is running the transfer relay will switch all loads to the generator and also activate the AC batt charger.
There could be a situation where some really big load is also run direct off a generator, and never powered by the inverter. You would'nt need a transfer switch for that either if it's wired separately. You would only need a transfer switch if you have 2 AC sources such as the grid and a generator, or a generator and an inverter with no transfer relay, and you need to make sure you never connect both to the load at the same time.

The two wire start is just a means of remote starting the genny with a simple switch. If you want to automate that you may find the auxiliary output of the inverter useful. It is about a 1 amp, 12V, programmable output you can use for anything you want, including starting a generator. Possibly a relay would be necessary to convert the 12V to a simple make or break. Possibly not.

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Generator hook up

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You are doing fine. Thanks for the explanation.