fx2000 status / efficiency

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fx2000 status / efficiency

Post by groeck »


I just had a nice talk with my installer.
He got one of the early fx2000s and wasn't too
happy with it. Looks like some small motor loads
just would not work. Has this since been improved ?

Also, are there any efficiency curves available ?


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fx2000 status / efficiency

Post by Christopher »

Yes - the first inverters had a few problems - we have fixed most of them I believe. If the serial number is under 100 then we will exchange it directly for one of the new units or send out the circuit boards for you/them to do - whatever is best.

The problem with the small motors was part of the power mizer mode which has been completely eliminated in units prior to serial number 100. We found a different way to reduce the idle power draw that made the same improvement and no problems.

I will get the efficiency curves posted on the main site soon. They are in our new catalog which is going to print very soon and will also be posted onto the web as well.


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