Dual voltage FX2000

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Dual voltage FX2000

Post by DavidB »

Originally I heard there were plans to have one inverter that could handle both a 48V or 24V nominal battery bank( user selectable in field). I realize because of costs/time constraints or whatever, the 24V inverter was designed for only a 24V system. My question is whether or not the 48V inverter could technically be user selectable in its current design or a future one to a 24V nominal system or would the same issues preventing this ability from being incorporated in the 24V inverter also come up?
Robin Gudgel

Dual voltage FX2000

Post by Robin Gudgel »

The original concept for an OutBack inverter was going to be a 12, 24 & 36 volt unit all in one. After coming to our senses we realized that we would be paying an efficiency penalty to do this. It would also require dual conversion which means that the inverter must process all of the power twice. This is how all of the high frequency units work. We elected to stay with single conversion for numerous reasons and this made the universal input voltage inverter obsolete. There are many parts inside the FX that are different between a 24v and 48v unit. It is just not practical to make an inverter that would work at both voltages. Too many compromises would be required to make it a viable product.