How many remote temperature sensors?

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How many remote temperature sensors?

Post by arnold »

If a system is going to use temperature sensors, does a every FX-2000 and MX-60 require one or can they share one assuming the system has a Mate controller?

It would seem rather odd to have 8 temperature sensors in a system with 4 FX-2000s and 4 MX-60s.


How many remote temperature sensors?

Post by Christopher »

Currently, the only inverter which needs to have a temperature sensor (RTS) is the Master unit. This applies when they are "stacked" in either series, parallel or series/parallel using either the OutBack STACK-2, HUB-4 or HUB-10.

The MATE is not required to be connected all the time in order for one temp sensor to be used - the information is communicated directly from the MASTER to the SLAVES directly.

Currently - all MX60s will require individual temp sensors for each one. Once the HUB is available we should be able to reduce the number of temp sensors to a single one.