Search mode amps flexibility

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Search mode amps flexibility

Post by Evan »

I've been playing with the search mode, and have found that some of my 9watt flourescent lights aren't quite enough to get the .1 amp search mode transition to wake the inverter (the flourescent light flashes at the search mode pulse rate).
Are there any other settings that might allow me to effectively lower the serach mode transition to .75aac?
And yes, I will play around with the power mizer, but I was hoping to eliminate all ghost load energy drains.


Search mode amps flexibility

Post by Christopher »

There is a limit to the search mode's sensitivity - we already have it cranked up pretty good to be very sensitive - I've had it work with small CF as low as 7 watts but it can be very brand dependant.

The problem with flourescent lighting is that there is no load until the bulb actually ionizes the gasses, which will not happen until there is enough voltage long enough. Some bulbs also take a scond or two to start - meaning the current draw is delayed from the application of the voltage.

Be sure the CFs you are trying are electonic ballast type and not magnetic. This is easy to check - the magnetic are fairly heavy and the electronics are very light. Magnetic type flourescents are not appropriate for use with search mode - even large lights (dual 40W) may not bring an inverter out of search.

Also - you might try different brands of CFs to see if there are others that work better. I can check on what we have found that works and can make it available through our site.