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FX inverter availability

Post by Dave Palumbo »

1) When will the inverters be available to dealers on the east coast? Thave a few installations coming up and I would rather not use a Trace SW.

2) Will the FX have voltage controlled relay contacts like the SW? We find them very useful for controlling battery box vent fans.

3) As far as I can tell (and please correct me if I am wrong) the FX inverter should not be used without three extra parts - the DC Cover, the DC Conduit adapter, and the AC Adapter - unless the inverter is being used with the PSR. These parts add $145 to the price of the inverter. When people ask the price of this wonderful inverter it would be more truthful to tell them that it is $1,940. Rather than saying $1,795 but you can't use it without these other parts. The Trace SW could really be used without the conduit box in a simple system so that was an honest $3,495 price.

FX inverter availability

Post by Christopher »

The FX2024/FX2048 and the MX60 are currently in testing with ETL for certification to the UL1741 standard. We anticipate the initial listing (off-grid/backup applications only) will be completed by the end of August. We will be completing the approvals for utility interactive applications (selling etc.) in October. We expect to have units in Distributor stock in later September, although the demand for units appears to be already building up.

Each OutBack FX inverter and MX controller will include a single aux control output. This is similar to the aux relays on the SW except it is a 12 vdc output - not a relay. You provide the relay based on the size and type of load you are controlling. For fans, the FX is able to provide up to 1 amp at 12 vdc so you can use this output to power a 12 vdc fan directly - even on a 24 or 48 vdc system. You can select the operation of the aux output for several different uses when you setup the inverter with the MATE. This includes modes for battery enclosure ventilation, equipment enclosure ventilation, generator start, low battery disconnect or diversion control.

As far as the pricing of the inverter, the FX series does not require the use of the optional DCA/DCC any more than the SW series requires the optional SWCB conduit box. We include a pair of snap on plastic covers for the DC negative terminals - similar to the ones on the trace except that they do not use the tiny screws. The AC side has a removeable plate with several knockouts provided - the ACA simply makes the compartment larger and adds mounting locations for additional breakers or even an AC duplex outlet.

It is somewhat ironic that the PSDC and PSAC connects to the SW without requiring the SWCB option but our inverter needs the DCA and DCC options - but there are some reasons for this that you will see in the near future with some additional design details.

You are correct that the PSR does not require any additional options - in fact if you are using two of the FX2000s in a PSR the cost of the DCC/DCA/ACA offsets most of the cost of the PSR.

We will be offering a single part number for the three of the optional parts - the DCC/DCA/ACA as the FXA combo kit which also will have a lower price than the parts individually.