FX 2000 inverter

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FX 2000 inverter

Post by reellison »

Will the inverter have a battery charge capability and what is the output of the charger?

FX 2000 inverter

Post by Christopher »

Yes the FX2000 includes battery charging capability - it is an inverter/charger with built in transfer switch.

The charge ratings for the 24 VDC unit looks like it will be 60 amps and the 48 VDC will be 30 amps. We are still verifying the specifications at this time.

The AC transfer switch is rated at 60 amps. This includes the current used by the battery charger - but the battery charger is "backed off" if the AC loads are very high.
Rex Ewing

FX 2000 inverter

Post by Rex Ewing »

I understand how a sine wave is produced by spinning a coil of wire between two opposing magnetic poles (it's almost intuitive), but not how it's done without moving parts. Obviously, some inverters are better than others at reproducing the alternator effect. Can you explain (broadly and, hopefully, simply, since this is for my book)how this is done in state-of-the-art inverters, such as the FX2000? Specifically, is the DC current first converted to low-grade, low-voltage AC and then stepped-up and refined, or are there different pricliples at play?