Sudden electrolyte loss!

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Re: Sudden electrolyte loss!

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JRHill wrote: Fri Jul 23, 2021 9:10 pm
I have 4 200 watt panels in a 2x2 array to charge 48v of golf cart batteries.

I have my doubts that a single panel will suffice for you very well.
It all depends how much water you use... I have an 11 SQF-2 in my well, powered directly from 3 ancient BP Solar panels (50W each :grin: ). In good sun I get 4 GPM up to my 500 gal storage tank 60 ft higher than the well level. I also have an EU1000 I can shlep over to the well when the sun doesn't come out for a week. Works great, but then I only use 20 - 30gal a day. No garden.
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