Auto Startup of Yamaha Inverter Generator - GSCM?

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Auto Startup of Yamaha Inverter Generator - GSCM?

Post by Darwould »

Just buying a new Yamaha 6300 Watt inverter generator to charge the 48 volt system and run excess load.
Looking at the options of controlling it and have found the Atkinson GSCM-Mini controller interface which appears to solve all of the interface problems, like limiting the starter to 5 seconds, trying three times, sensing voltage of system, etc.
Just wondering if anyone has used this system and what success you have had?
Also just wondering where to put the control and external relays....
It also needs an extra relay on the Outback 48 volt system to isolate it from the generator.
Available for a variety of inverter generators and generators...
Unit we are looking at: ... ni-yamaha/

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