Inverter not working, bad control board? (pic)

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Inverter not working, bad control board? (pic)

Post by goldendad »

TLDR: I'm not experienced with these things, is the control board in the picture bad?

Details: I've had a grid-tied battery backup system (using a GVFX3648 inverter on a FLEXpower One system) for about six years. The inverter started working intermittently and then stopped working altogether (i.e. the MATE3 does not recognize it). The AC board on the inverter does not show any lights lit up. The surge protector's lights show AC IN and DC as active but no AC OUT (no inverter, makes sense). The voltage into the inverter is 120. The battery (48V forklift battery) reads normal voltage.

So I decided to remove the inverter and visually inspect the three boards. Everything looked normal to me except for this Viking transformer component on the control board. Is this a clear sign that the control board is my problem? The FET and AC boards didn't have any visable damage.

I read other posts about things to check and I verified that there was: (1) no DC voltage between the negative and ground, (2) no voltage between the AC neutral and ground, (3) no shorts across the AC HOT IN and AC HOT OUT nor the DC terminals. The MATE3 doesn't list any errors -- I presume because I've restarted the system a few times while trying to troubleshoot it.

Is this an open and shut case of a bad control board or are there other likely culprits? Thanks for any assistance!

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